Women @ the frontier of innovation and entrepreneurship

November 8, 2010

Bringing together a diverse group of innovators and entrepreneurs, from different backgrounds and industries, is key to Singularity University’s vision for changing the world. To that end, SU recently hosted Women @ the Frontier, the first in a series of forums featuring top women entrepreneurs, humanitarians, innovators, scientists and techies creating positive change around the globe.

Led by SU Founding Architect Susan Fonseca-Klein and moderated by SU Trustee Sonia Arrison Senkut, Women @ the Frontier featured an amazing group of women from biotech, humanitarian outreach, innovation, space, and venture capital discussing their journey in leveraging exponential trends, leadership and the power of entrepreneurship to design solutions that could positively impact one billion people.

In addition to the panel of leading women, the event showcased top organizations significantly transforming the lives of women and girls, including: Anita Borg, Pachamama Alliance, Women2.0, Girls in Tech, NAWBO, Spark, Samasource, ThinkIndia, Green Energy Tech, NCWIT, Soul of Money, and many others.

Why a women’s forum? W@F creator Fonseca-Klein explained, “The solutions needed to address today’s grand challenges require true diversity of ideas, experiences, culture and disciplines. In order to achieve this goal, we must raise the voice of women from a whisper to a conversation, highlighting successful female pioneers and including the wisdom of mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives.”

Many thanks again to Liddy Karter of Karter Capital Advisors, Laurie Yoler of GrowthPoint Technology Partners, Rebecca Moore of Google Earth Outreach program, Cynthia Kenyon of UCSF’s Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging, BlogHer’s Lisa Stone, and astronaut Yvonne Cagle of NASA Ames for their words of inspiration and leadership.

Check out the Women @ the Frontier video to hear from the leaders on the forefront of global innovation: