Google | Tim O’Reilly speaks with Ray Kurzweil at Google Zeitgeist Americas 2011

September 27, 2011

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Google | Zeitgeist is an annual, invitation-only, two-day special event hosted by Google, that brings together over 400 of the planet’s top leaders and biggest brains —– from businessmen to bloggers and inventors to activists. Why? To talk about the big issues affecting our everyday lives and hear what they think is shaping this weird and wonderful world of ours. You can view talks from past Zeitgeist events in full at

Zeitgeist Minds is a collection of inspiring videos from Google’s Zeitgeist events. We invite you to hear perspectives on global issues from the leading thinkers of our time — from business leaders to statespeople, renowned writers and bloggers, professors and publishers, inventors and humanitarians, activists and musicians. Explore the ideas and phenomena that affect our social, economic, political and cultural surroundings. Learn from leading innovators and discuss topics that influence the global economy, creativity, digital technology, leadership and human rights. Join the debate, contemplate the views which shape our world, and most importantly, be part of the Zeitgeist.

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Wikipedia | Google Zeitgeist is a collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. There used to be weekly, monthly and yearly lists, and topic and country specific lists. Closed May 22, 2007 and replaced by “Hot Trends,” a dynamic feature in Google Trends. An annual Zeitgeist summary for the U.S. and other countries is still produced.

Google Zeitgeist | Zeitgeist Minds — “Collection of inspiring videos from Google’s Zeitgeist events”
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