SU presents Al Seckel and “Your Mind’s Eye”

July 25, 2009

Your Mind’s Eye: The World’s Most Powerful Illusions and What they Tell Us about How We Think and Perceive

Come see, experience, and take delight in some of the world’s most powerful visual and other sensory illusions. The illusions presented in this talk will not just be confined to the visual senses, but there will be auditory ones too, including cross-modal examples of sound influencing what you see, and what you see influencing what you hear.

Illusions are a wonderful window into perception, as they can reveal the hidden rules of the human perceptual system in a way that normal perceptual processes do not.

Join us as Al Seckel takes us on an interactive journey through our inner minds. Many of the dynamic illusions presented in this lecture are not available anywhere else, including his books, and cover many different aspects of perception.

Who: Al Seckel, formerly of the California Institute of Technology, is internationally recognized as the world’s leading authority on visual and other types of sensory illusions. He has authored over 18 books on the subject (two have won national book awards), and has lectured extensively throughout the world, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, and has given two talks at TED.


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When: Thursday, July 30 at 7pm PT

Where: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field. Building 943, Eagle Room

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  1. Driving North (or South) on HW 101
  2. Exit 398 (Moffett Blvd/NASA Pkwy) off HW 101
  3. End of ramp (or loop) turn Right (East) onto Moffett Blvd
  4. Straight to NASA Research Park gate (200 yards)
  5. Turn Right BEFORE Guard Gate
  6. Park behind large white tent building
  7. Walk to building with blue awning (Public Affairs) Bld 943
  8. Google map