CiviGuard debuts next-generation crisis communication platform

March 31, 2010

Great news from one of the GSP-09 spin-out companies and SU alumni – Zubin Wadia, Shawna Pandya, and Tim Coleman. Congratulations to the team!

CiviGuard Chosen as One of Five Where 2.0 Launch Pad Start-ups with “Innovative, Promising New Technology”

CiviGuard is pleased to announce it has been chosen as one of just five start-ups to present at Where 2.0 Conference Launch Pad, showcasing the latest in location-based technology.  Built on a highly resilient infrastructure, CiviGuard enables government agencies to deliver authoritative location-specific alerts, precise and actionable information, and guidance to civilian populations via mobile devices and the web. CiviGuard will showcase its crisis communication platform at the Where 2.0 Launch Pad in San Jose on March 31st.

The CiviGuard platform is the first to deliver trusted government information to civilians by combining cutting-edge smartphone technology, cloud-based infrastructure and intelligent message distribution into a single offering.  “We are very excited about the opportunity to present at the Where 2.0 Launch Pad segment,” said Zubin Wadia, CEO and co-founder of CiviGuard.  “The simplicity of our platform’s interface, order-of-magnitude faster delivery, location-awareness and the resiliency of CiviGuard’s infrastructure streamline the dissemination of authoritative information, transforming information into awareness and awareness into action.”

“Where 2.0 is well-known as a tremendous forum to showcase emerging location-based technology start-up firms,” said Salim Ismail, Executive Director at Singularity University. “CiviGuard was born out of the team projects at Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program 2009 and we are extremely delighted by CiviGuard’s progress to create a new standard for rapid crisis communication.”

CiviGuard will present at the Where 2.0 Launch Pad on Wednesday, March 31 at 12:00pm. Please visit – – for presentation details.

About CiviGuard

With offices in Silicon Valley and New York, CiviGuard provides a highly resilient crisis communication platform that rapidly delivers location-aware alerts and guidance to civilians. Combining trusted government information, cutting-edge smartphone technology, cloud-based infrastructure and intelligent message distribution into a single offering, CiviGuard is poised to redefine crisis communication. For more information, please visit