4 Singularity movies — The world wants the future

August 13, 2009

With four films coming out less than a year apart, it’s a pretty cool time to be interested in the future and the growth of intelligence. That’s right, four movies on the Singularity! In a year’s span. It’s kind of nuts: Transcendent Man debuted earlier this year, The Singularity Film and The Singularity Is Near will both premier before year’s end, and We Are The Singularity is still in production.

All four movies have the same general topic and largely similar casts of characters, but each views the future through a different lens. Not very comforting for those curious about the potentially greatest change humanity may ever face. Check out the trailers after the break.

So what’s the Singularity: crackpot idea, oncoming danger, Pinocchio story, or humanity’s hope? Each film chooses a different angle. What’s really amazing is that these movies are all spontaneously coming from different producers/directors. There’s a developing trend to discuss the issues of technology and intelligence even if most of the world has no idea what the Singularity means. I guess that whether you’re a technophile or a technophobe, there’s something to debate when you bring up the future. Even if you think the whole thing is one giant hair-brained notion you’ll at least get a kick out of the enthusiasm through which these films approach the subject.

Four Singularity movies

Four movies about the Singularity, clockwise from top left: Transcendent Man, We Are the Singularity, The Singularity Is Near, The Singularity Film (Image: Singularity Hub)