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July 28, 2009

Rod Furlan

GSP-09: Student’s Perspective, By Rod Furlan
(SU’s 2009 Graduate Studies Program)

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7:18:51 AM

Today I will be covering a day in the life of a Singularity University student #singularityu

7:20:34 AM

Just got up, getting ready for class. We were asked to show up earlier today to discuss our Phase #1 assigment. #singularityu

8:07:02 AM

Walking to breakfast, I AM’ running late!

8:09:55 AM

Cafeteria with Hangar One in the background

8:14:38 AM

Breakfast not at the usual place today. That is what I get for not checking the online calendar for updates lol

8:38:12 AM

This is were we are having our classes this week.

8:48:39 AM

Current state of breakfast is undefined. I hope they will bring caffeine and a lot of it.

8:46:55 AM

Starvation is over, food is here!

9:02:56 AM

We are running a little late with our schedule today. @PeterDiamandis is here for an announcement. We should get started soon.

9:06:28 AM

We didn’t have any protein for breakfast today. I can almost feel muscle catabolism taking place inside my body…

9:12:16 AM

Oh there are egg sandwiches around, must investigate…

9:19:09 AM

Our first lecture just started, we will be discussing intellectual property for the next hour #singularityu

9:21:43 AM

At SU we use Etherpad for note-taking, sometimes with hilarious outcomes. #singularityu

9:26:19 AM

Software patents are absurd. Seriously. #singularityu

9:40:31 AM

I wonder if it would be possible to write a random patent generator… (and get a patent for it) #singularityu

9:48:45 AM

Dan Barry just brought up a great point against “wide” patents: e.g. “robot that navigates a household” – way to kill innovation :/

9:52:34 AM

Now we are talking trademarks #singularityu

10:01:21 AM

@ira_a I agree (trademarks are good) :)

10:11:50 AM

Now on to copyright #singularityu

10:20:30 AM

Law & Ethics lecture just ended, we have a quick 10 minute break now – time to procure caffeine. #singularityu

10:21:06 AM

Scientists reveal secret of girl with ‘all seeing eye’

10:21:38 AM

Brain Surgery Using Sound Waves

10:28:52 AM

We have just reorganized all the tables in the room to maximize engagement. #singularityu

10:30:22 AM

Now on to “Applications of Synthetic Biology”. I love this place! #singularityu

10:31:44 AM

“We need more designers in biology” #singularityu

10:32:49 AM

I find the “DNA is software” analogy somewhat dangerous. Software does not mutate as you copy it… #singularityu

10:34:15 AM

Even though we might be able to add post-copy integrity checks to DNA code, what if the check itself is damaged during copy? #singularityu

10:38:50 AM

Good to know: you can use designer-biology to get around drug patents #singularityu

10:46:25 AM

Globalization will drive synthetic biology development forward. If we don’t do it, someone else will. #singularityu

10:48:20 AM

Check out this Microsoft Research syn-bio project:

10:56:49 AM

Reading about the Science Commons: #singularityu

11:05:37 AM

We are now discussing applications of synthetic biology – one idea: microbes that will eat anything we don’t want around #singularityu

11:07:52 AM

Another application: revert desertification with designer plants #singularityu

11:10:30 AM

Yet another application of syn-bio: oral-microbiological agents to get rid of plaque #singularityu

11:18:44 AM

Now talking about syn-bio ethics…

11:20:54 AM

Future (possible) syn-bio issues: unpractical genetic “fads”, genetic malpractice, the “playing god” blanket objection #singularityu

11:24:48 AM

Future (possible) syn-bio issues: Genetic “prisoner’s dilemma” designer’s babies vs natural babies #singularityu

11:32:31 AM

Now discussing how can syn-bio help the world in the short term. Ideas: microbes to make medicine and microbes to deal with pollution

11:37:08 AM

Time for a break and then some… ROBOT TALK #singularityu

11:45:06 AM

Now on to a AnyBots Presentation by Trevor Blackwell #singularityu

11:46:14 AM

Anybots tele-presence robots:

11:47:01 AM

@ira_a Not likely I would be able to, our schedule is very aggressive :(

11:58:20 AM

Oh I want one of those robots so bad #singularityu

11:56:03 AM

Looking at something that looks like a dishwasher loading/emptying robot. This changes everything. #singularityu

11:56:29 AM

@ira_a Will do :)

12:01:17 PM

Whoa, this guy have a HMD and data-gloves and he is using it to drive the robot. #singularityu

12:01:54 PM

Now the robot is preparing coffee…

12:05:06 PM

Plan: start with an able yet dumb robot (teleoperated). Add automation little by little (starting with repetitive bits) until 99% autonomous

12:08:21 PM

When a robot kills, who pulled the trigger? #singularityu

12:09:46 PM

Likewise, when a robot surgeon saves someone, who is the hero? #singularityu

12:34:06 PM

We are about to step into the bus, we are visiting Autodesk this afternoon. #singularityu

1:07:28 PM

All on board the singularity bus! #singularityu

1:53:13 PM

Arriving at Autodesk #singularityu

2:01:49 PM

And here we are @ Autodesk, I hope there will be swag! #singularityu

2:22:12 PM

“Design for Mankind’s Greatest Challenges”

2:32:08 PM

Love the idea of a prototyping culture, it lets you make decisions based on real data, not opinions.

2:36:07 PM

SU students are coming to SF! 1st stop CitizenSpace -5pm, then Tres Agaves-6pm. Come meet us! #singularityu #su_happyhour

2:38:34 PM

Making stuff isn’t the problem anymore – differentiation is #singularityu

2:50:51 PM

“If god didn’t create it, one of our clients did” heard @ Autodesk #singularityu

2:57:30 PM

“Design is the application of technology to serve human needs” #singularityu

3:14:48 PM

#singularityu @ Autodesk

3:30:15 PM

Auto-stereoscopic monitor – I need one SO BAD #singularityu

4:19:06 PM

The image on the screen represents the viewport of the little guy on the table #singularityu

4:30:48 PM

#singularityu was here @ Autodesk

4:34:27 PM

Back to the singularity bus #singularityu

4:40:20 PM

I love technology way too much. It is unnatural. #singularityu

4:49:03 PM

Just arrived at the Citizen’s Space #singularityu

5:02:21 PM

@PeterDiamandis is always thinking of always to help one billion people #singularityu

5:56:36 PM

Twittering from…. Twitter! #singularityu

6:13:51 PM

At Twitter HQ, hanging out #singularityu

6:19:04 PM

TwitterBox 360 #singularityu

6:30:17 PM

Just ran into @ev and @biz with some #singularityu students. Cool moment. Now off to tres agaves (via @salimismail)

6:43:52 PM

Having dinner now #singularityu

8:13:12 PM

Back to the singularity bus, heading back to NASA AM’es, Twitting from a borrowed phone (thanks Nitesh!) #singularityu

9:26:19 PM

Back to NASA AM’es, time to read about this midnight deadline I keep hearing about… #singularityu

10:28:30 PM

We’re here to figure out a way to help 1 billion people in 10 years. It is a tall order, tonight will probably be a long night #singularityu

10:29:15 PM

So, how would you help 10^9 people in a decade? Suggestions welcome! #singularityu

11:48:36 PM

Talking about the 10^9 team project at the SU studend lodge #singularityu

11:49:44 PM

Ideas, everywhere I look. #singularityu

11:55:35 PM

This is the end of a day in the life of a Singularity University student – time to call my wife and then go to bed #singularityu