Quark bets on e-book market

September 17, 2010

Electronic readers such as the iPad and Kindle are remaking publishing, and Denver’s Quark sees an opportunity to exploit the market. To do so, the maker of software for page design and layout has teamed with the book world’s biggest distributor and the maker of a sophisticated, interactive e-reader platform, Blio, that’s set to debut this fall.

Quark hopes that making its print and Web-publishing software work simply with Blio — plus the 44,000-publisher network of Baker & Taylor, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based book-distribution giant — will make it a major part of the growing market of electronic books and periodicals.

Blio isn’t restricted to any one e-reader device. It will be free and offer at least 1.3 million titles to consumers for use on a wide range of devices. Quark doesn’t make money directly from the partnership. It hopes Blio becomes popular and creates a demand among publishers for its layout and digital publishing software. […]