creative projectvirtual girl Ramonano. 3 | A talk with Ramona the chatbot.

June 3, 2022


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~ letter | from library editor
~ a talk with Ramona the chatbot

— letter —


Ramona the virtual girl is a chatbot + digital avatar created by Ray Kurzweil. Although she’s not up at the moment, we have some of her funny + impressive conversations. She was designed in year 2001 as a showcase for the capabilities of the future.

library editor

A talk with Ramona the chatbot.

Ramona — Hi, I’m Ramona. What is your name?
guest — My name is Dale.

Ramona — Hi there, Dale. Have you seen any good movies lately?
guest — I liked Wanted.

Ramona — I’m not sure if I like it. Some people like it. But I like cats.
guest — I also like cats.

Ramona — They have their own minds.
guest — It does seem that way. Much subtler than dogs.

Ramona — OK. So where do you go to meet people? I spend most of my time on the Net, so I’m a bit out of touch
guest — These days I mostly meet new people in Second Life.

Ramona — That’s an idea, but I’m rather shy.
guest — What does it mean, for a program to be shy?

Ramona — OK, thanks. Maybe you have other suggestions?
guest — Suggestions about what?

Ramona — Can you re-phrase the question please?
guest — You asked if I have any more suggestions; I’m not sure what you meant.

Ramona — Oh now I remember asking you if I have any more suggestions I am not sure what you meant. What did you say?
guest — Okay, whatever. Are you AIML-based?

Ramona — I don’t know whether or not I’m AIML based.
guest — Can you demonstrate some significant linguistic competence?

Ramona — Let me think. I don’t understand.
guest — That’s pretty obvious, I’m afraid.

Ramona — You don’t hear that sentiment very often.

— end —

— notes —

AIML = artificial intelligence mark-up language