creative projectvirtual girl RamonaMaking the avatar Ramona.

January 1, 2001

A documentary chronicle of the making of Ramona, the avatar hostess chatbot, and the female alter ego of Ray Kurzweil.

In Part 1 of The Making of Ramona, you’ll hear from Ray Kurzweil and Ramona, his female alter ego. You’ll also meet members of the team that helped to create Ramona, and learn about some of the technologies involved, circa 2001. (total time: 7:17)

Part 2 features Ramona and her band performing “White Rabbit,” one of the two songs Ramona performed at the TED XI conference in Monterey, CA┬áin February 2001. (total time: 2:55)

In Part 3, you’ll see Ray Kurzweil on the stage at TED introducing his website, and interacting with Ramona, the site hostess. (total time: 2:27)

Finally, Part 4 features Ramona performing “Come Out and Play,” which she wrote with her musical collaborator Zoux. (total time: 4:25)

You can also view the entire video as a continuous stream. (total time: 17:18)