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January 1, 2018


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~ letter | from library editor
~ Ramona’s pop songs

— letter —


Ramona is a chatbot + digital avatar created by Ray Kurzweil. Although she’s not up at the moment, we have some of her funny + impressive conversations. She was designed in 2001 as a showcase for the capabilities of the future.

Here you can listen to Ramona’s 2 pop songs — with Ray singing using pitch-alteration software, to sound more like his avatar. He also performed on-stage as Ramona at a live event in 2001. Using a set of body sensors to detect his motion, he could puppeteer a digital Ramona graphic displayed on the theater’s screen.

Ray said: ‘The future is coming — and it’s positive. Because we’ll have the creative tools for more freedom of personal expression. With virtual + augmented reality you can literally be whoever you want to be.’

library editor


1. |

The first song is an original.

song title: Come Out and Play
lyrics: by Ray Kurzweil
music: by Zoux
performed: by Ray Kurzweil

SONG | Come Out and Play — The final production.

SONG | Come Out and Play — Without pitch alteration software.

2. |

The second song is a classic cover.

song title: White Rabbit
lyrics: by Jefferson Airplane
music: by Zoux
performed by: Ray Kurzweil

SONG | White Rabbit — The final production.

SONG | White Rabbit — Without pitch alteration software.