Google | Building brains to understand the world’s data — Google Tech Talk with Jeff Hawkins and Q&A with Ray Kurzweil

March 13, 2013

Google | The neocortex works on principles that are fundamentally different than traditional computers. In this talk I will describe recent advances in understanding the neocortex and how we are applying them to model millions of high velocity data streams.

The talk will start with a description of sparse distributed representations, which are the fundamental units of information in brains. I will then discuss how these representations are learned and how the brain processes them to build predictive models from sensory data. Numenta has built a product called Grok that emulates these capabilities of the neocortex. Grok is being used to understand high velocity machine generated data in many different domains. I will give a brief introduction to Grok and speculate on the future of machine intelligence.

Google Tech Talk
February 12, 2013
Presented by Jeff Hawkins

Q&A with Ray Kurzweil begins at  53:00