Exploring the brain-computer interface: Singularity U partners with X Prize Labs @ MIT

January 7, 2010

Brain-Computer Interface
Imagine a direct connection between the human brain and the world’s most powerful computers… What if you could type with your thoughts? Or help the blind to see? Or give an amputee control over his bionic arm? How can the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) positively affect humanity’s grandest challenges?

Singularity University partnered with X Prize Lab @ MIT for the 2-day “Brain-Computer Interfaces: Igniting a Revolution” workshop that kicked off today to discuss these questions and more with some of the leading minds in neurobiology. Special guests included Peter Diamandis, SU co-founder and CEO of the X Prize Foundation, Ed Boyden, Director of the MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group, and Gerwin Schalk, Director BCI2000, Wadsworth Center.

SU Graduate Studies Program alum Rod Furlan interviewed a few of the BCI experts to get their thoughts on the state of BCI, where it’s headed, and how it can affect “humanity’s grand challenges.” Check back soon for those videos, as well as the lively panel discussion on the future of BCI with Peter Diamandis, Ed Boyden, and SU instructor and Omneuron founder Christopher deCharms.