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A pioneering inventor, best-selling author, and futurist.
July 1, 2022


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A lifetime of innovation.

Ray Kurzweil is a pioneering inventor in the field of computer science. He’s well known for historic tech innovations — that he developed using the software programming technique called pattern recognition. This complex technique is key to building advanced computer software called artificial intelligence — or AI — that can perform tasks at a human level or beyond, make decisions, solve problems, control robotics, manage industrial systems, and emulate life.

During his 50-year career of tech development — Ray’s created life-like synthetic music + voice, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and the automated understanding of human language. His creative + technical achievements in the early days of computing brought him global acclaim as a thinker, technologist, and futurist.

His legendary predictions about the future — tracking leaps in science, tech, and world progress — maintain a high accuracy level, even today. He talks about his lifetime as a creator of tech products — plus his hopeful vision for tomorrow — in his New York Times best-selling non-fiction books.

Ray is currently a principal researcher + AI visionary at Google — a subsidiary of the company Alphabet — where he + his team of software programmers are studying ways that computers can: process, interpret, understand, and use human language in everyday applications.

Designing AI software + machines has been Ray’s focus since the 1960s. Take a look below to see how he’s bridged the decades with exciting inventions.

Through the years.

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Looking ahead.

Today, Ray’s focused on his research at Google. His team is developing computer software that will bring human-like abilities to digital tools. Ray says this new era of amazing, intelligent software won’t replace humans — but it will augment + expand civilization.

He looks forward to the world of tomorrow — and believes we’re entering a time of abundance, health, safety, progress, and discovery. Made possible by today’s advances in science, tech, and knowledge.

BOOKS by Ray Kurzweil

— non-fiction —

  • the Singularity Is Near
  • How to Create a Mind
  • the Age of Spiritual Machines
  • the Age of Intelligent Machines
  • Transcend
  • Fantastic Voyage

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— novel —

And Ray’s first novel — about the young heroine named Danielle — is an adventure for all ages. Teaching creative thinking, curiosity, problem solving, friendship, self-esteem, and multi-cultural unity. The fiction story is accompanied by 2 non-fiction companion guides.

  • novelDanielle: chronicles of a super-heroine
  • companion book — How to be a Danielle
  • companion booka Chronicle of Ideas

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This official library maintains a permanent collection of Ray’s writings, historic inventions, and press. Plus a digest that follows breakthroughs + noteworthy trends in science, knowledge, tech, and progress — that are building a better future.


birthday: February 12, 1948
from: borough of Queens ~ New York, NY  | US

elementary school: Kingsbury Elementary School
middle school: ~

high school: Martin Van Buren High School — grad. 1965
college: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — grad. 1970

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MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NY = New York
US = United States