A look into the October Executive Program

October 29, 2010

Last Friday, we graduated our latest Executive Program class with inspiring talks from students and faculty, handshakes and hugs with new friends, and a review of the incredible nine days the class spent on the leading edge of exponential technologies.

EPF10 - Meghan MurphyWe strive to bring together a diverse mix of backgrounds and industries for each Executive Program, for an enriching experience, and EPF10 did not disappoint. The 41 students descended upon NASA Ames from 15 countries, with many traveling from Europe and South America for the nine-day program.

The class included serial entrepreneurs, a Canadian broadcasting company CEO, an economics researcher, a Brazilian television executive, a Scottish investment manager, a Hollywood actor/producer, a real estate CEO from Spain, and representatives from U.S. and international governments. The industry mix enabled very interesting discussions during the sessions, and late into the evening (a reason SU is sometimes jokingly called Sleepless University).

EPF10 - TechShopIn addition to lectures and discussions from leading experts, workshops and site tours of Silicon Valley companies areunique benefits of the Executive Program. Industrial design expert Scott Summit led students on a tour of TechShop, the DIY workshop/lab, demonstrating prototype creation and discussed the latest uses of 3D printers.

A trip to SU corporate founder Autodesk showed students the different uses of cutting edge design software, including how design translates into manufacturing innovation. GSP-10 alum and EP teaching fellow Dr. Julielynn Wong led students in a surgical workshop, giving everyone the chance to practice cutting and suture techniques. And, following Raymond McCauley’s bioinformatics discussion, students tested their own genetics for health and ancestry factors with 23andMe kits.

Expert faculty, Silicon Valley company tours, and hands-on workshops are just a few of the reasons participants call the Executive Program a “mind-changing experience.” Interested in experiencing the Executive Program for yourself? Join us for the 4-day program coming up December 9-12.