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January 1, 2022


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story title: the New York Music + Internet Expo
deck: A showcase for music artists, industry, and tech.
date: March 2001

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An introduction.

The New York Music + Internet Expo expanded into the Madison Square Garden Expo Center for year 2001. The expo was founded to help artists maintain creative control of their music. The event brings musicians together with other creators + producers of music — as well as people who create tech to promote + sell music.

The expo’s founder + executive producer Steve Zuckerman said:

‘As traditional media outlets consolidate, the music industry + artists must find new ways to reach fans. The expo was created to help. The popularity of tech such as Napster proves that consumers, musicians and music lovers want music on the web to thrive.’

The expo is a springboard for successful launches of new companies + products: such as, and Creative Labs’s MP3 player range called the Nomad. It’s also where Napster and the global media company Bertlesmann first met.

Ray Kurzweil presents Ramona.

Well known music + tech pioneer Ray Kurzweil said:

‘Music has always led the way in the application of new tech — from the wood-making crafts of 18th century harpsichords, to the signal processing tech of late 20th century digital synthesizers. Now the web is enabling an unprecedented level of world-wide creative collaboration. The expo stands at the crosshairs of this latest revolution. I’m thrilled to be giving the keynote and have the opportunity to present Ramona.’

Ramona is Kurzweil’s digital, animated female avatar. With today’s tech such as motion capture, voice pitch-alteration software, and life-like graphics — he can operate her remotely, like a puppet. The audience sees Ramona on the theater’s screen, and Kurzweil on stage at the same time.

The event is the leading pro-artist music conference + expo. It features 2 days of panels, conferences, workshops, new product releases, and demonstrations. Plus a large trade show floor promoting new tech + companies that help artists and industry.

Ray Kurzweil is the keynote speech for year 2001.